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Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

Welcome to Health Healing Holistic Therapies, a complementary therapy practice based in the Heart of the Medieval Quarter on the 1st Floor at No. 19 Nicholas Street, Limerick. I have practiced holistic therapies since 2016 and regularly expand my training. The therapies I practice are based on the guiding principles of the mind body prescription - being the interconnection of all things; mind, body and the environment in which we live. The therapies offered are delivered to the topmost standards to provide clients with the deepest healing experience possible, with specific attention to quality and service.

I first began my journey when I experienced severe attacks of nerve pain to my fingers, hands and arms. I was referred to a rheumatology clinic where I was given a diagnosis of atypical carpal tunnel syndrome and inflammatory arthritis. The treatment of which was limited with a choice of intermittent cortisone injections, hand splints, a referral for surgery or stronger medication. I decided to look into holistic therapies to try change the course of my pain and begin healing, through which with the help of Reiki, Reflexology and Integrated Energy Therapy to name but a few, I managed to change the course of my pain, heal and am currently maintaining good health. Thus I am very passionate about Holistic Health and balancing the mind body for optimum wellness.      

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